All types of organisations rely on different types of projects to manage their operations and plans. If a project is not managed well, it results in misuse of resources, loss of time and money, and loss of customers and clients and has a negative impact on positive referral network marketing as businesses won't want to work with a weak company. It affects the brand value of the company and it is difficult to recover from the losses. Effective project management helps avoid problems that make an organisation look unprofessional. There are many benefits to come from project management.

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Improved Productivity

Project management involves allocating resources properly. It requires assigning tasks to each member of the team. Employees deliver their best when they know what they are expected to deliver. They deliver the result when they are assigned goals. A well established project plan improves productivity of the organisation. Employees work harder and more effectively when they are aware what is expected from them.

Improved Efficiency

Organisations have to use their resources as efficiently as possible. These resources refer to money, personal, hardware, software and any tangible or intangible product that the company uses in its operations. It is important to use all such resources in the best way possible. Everything should be used only as much as needed. It helps achieve project completion with minimum use of resources.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

When projects are completed on time, it results in higher satisfaction among customers or clients. People like dealing with a company that delivers on time and as promised. It results in repeat orders from customers. A happy client is the biggest advertiser. It is an inexpensive word-of-mouth marketing. The person advises other people to use the same business. People always prefer dealing with a company that has a record of delivering on its promises. Timely project execution helps establish long term relationship with customers and clients. It eliminates conflicts and problems within the organisation as well as with suppliers and customers.

Increased Brand Value

When a company delivers its projects on time and as promised, its brand value receives a boost. It helps establish the brand in the market. Most businesses face stiff competition in the market where hundreds of companies may be delivering same product or service. People trust a company that has good record of delivering projects on time. This level of customer trust can be achieved only with proper project management.

Motivate the Team

When projects are completed properly, it motivates the team to work better and harder. They realise they can deliver what is expected from them. On the other hand, when a project is not managed well, it gives rise to discontent among team members. They lose motivation to work harder when they know the project may suffer problems due to mismanagement.

Effective project management helps deliver products and services on time to customers and clients. A business is able to gain more orders and assignments from customers when it delivers what it promises. Managing projects is not a difficult task. It only requires establishing proper framework which everyone in the team must follow. These benefits help establish a company in its industry. It helps gain confidence and support of investors, shareholders and partners. They trust the team to deliver and are ready to invest more when needed.